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Spring standard size stainless steel plate
We carry 631 and 316 from 0.05 to 2.0 mm in thickness!

In general, the number of businesses carrying SUS 631 and SUS 316 is limited due to the low amount in distribution, making either difficult to obtain. The number of businesses carrying thicknesses less than 0.1 mm and more than 1.0 mm is also small, thus acquiring such thicknesses can be time-consuming and laborious.

Eitai is a pioneer in spring stainless steel plate wholesale. We carry an abundant amount of SUS 631 and SUS 316 in intermediate thicknesses and can provide them as needed.
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Spring stainless steel strip (coil)
We use the best slitting technology to deliver a wide variety of products and thicknesses!

We carry spring stainless steel plate and strip (coil) in three to four types of hardnesses (tempering) and in thicknesses in steps of 0.01 to 0.1 mm. Because we carry a wide variety of steel grades in a wide variety of thicknesses, we can deliver our products quickly. Customers can also request minutely precise slitting when cutting steel to specification. We meet customer specified width tolerances by utilizing superior slitting technology and experience cultivated through years of slitting spring stainless steel strip.

We also accept small lot orders!

Do you need a small volume of spring stainless steel coil or plate for prototyping or die matching? Leave it to us! We will begin work on your order immediately using our own machining facilities or those of a partner machining company. We can provide coil starting from 1 m and plate (standard sizes) from a single sheet!

We ship items in inventory the same day!

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We provide careful packaging suited to product size and shape.

We have regularized packing boxes and methods suited to the sizes and types of our products. We have established a system for rapid shipping which prevents mistakes in packing products before they occur. In addition, we are also able to meet requests for the use of simple packaging and recycled paper packing materials in order to comply with green procurement and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Standard size plate boxStandard size plate box
(30 x 320 x 1000)

Skid packaging for heavy itemsSkid packaging for heavy items (approximately 30 kg and up)

Boxes for cut plateBoxes for cut plate
Large (30 x 600 x 1,000)
Medium (30 x 320 x 500)
Small (30 x 200 x 200)

Thorough quality assurance system

Eitai obtained ISO 9001-2008 in September 2013 and has established an even more thorough quality management system.
In addition, various documents have become necessary in recent years, such as Mill Test Reports, MSDS, RoHS Directive documents, and Conflict Mineral Reports. We order the relevant documents from manufacturers and strive to respond rapidly in order to act in accordance with customer requests.

Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning our products or for consultations.

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Spring Stainless Steel Plate

Spring Stainless Steel Strip (Coil)

Fee free to contact us about anything.
+81-48-996-1771 Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (weekdays, JST)
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  • ISO9001
    We have obtained the international quality management and assurance ISO 9001 certification.
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